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Game News

15 Mar 2022

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence lately; long story short is I've been going through a Stress Avoidance Cycle.

In happier news, I've managed to wrangle the editor to let me remap Ctrl+S to use my editor save. I'll be adding Ctrl+Shift+S as well at some point for a "save to document" shortcut.

23 Feb 2022

Hey all, I got some feedback asking for the editor to not deactivate after completing a challenge, which is concerning 'cause it's not supposed to lock you out at all. The editor greys out to show there's no active game but you should still be able to keep writing.

So! If you're trying to type when the editor is greyed out and it's not working, submit a bug report with your browser info for me. Thanks!

21 Feb 2022

Minor update! I got a request for a spell check function, at which point I discovered that browser spell-check doesn't work with the TinyMCE editor by default, for some reason....

Anyway, I've enabled that now, so just make sure your browser's spell check hasn't been turned off and it'll do the squiggly underlines in the main editor for you as usual.

17 Feb 2022

A couple site update announcements, nothing major.

I've swapped the log in/out buttons and the time/weather info, which should be a big improvement to UX, especially on mobile. Not sure if the time/weather info is going to stay there, but it's not a big deal since it doesn't have any gameplay effects yet. If you have suggestions of where it could go, I'm all ears.

Also, the Red Shirt item was broken and now should be fixed.

17 Feb 2022

Good news! It seems like whatever that menu problem was got resolved by a largely unrelated code fix I did. If it pops up again, let me know.

10 Feb 2022

Hey testers! I have a request for you to keep an eye on.

Since I redid the menu last night, there seems to be a bug that causes the menu dropdowns to stop functioning.

I'm having trouble reproducing it, so if you're doing anything and the menus stop showing up, please send me a bug report with as much of the following information as you can:

  • Which web browser are you using?
  • What page did it happened on?
  • Are you using a touchscreen or a mouse?
  • Did it happen after switching back to the page, or suddenly while still on the page?
  • Anything else about what you were doing in the game that you think might be useful.

Thanks so much! I'll let you all know when I've tracked it down, but in the meantime, any info you have on it will be extremely welcome.

10 Feb 2022

And we've FINALLY got a half-decent usable UI on phones and other small devices!

The Character Creator is kind of a mess on small screens and the options bar on the editor is incrutably tiny on current versions of Firefox for Android and I need to figure out a better place to put the log in/out button, BUT, everything else should work pretty well now.

If you use your phone and notice anything weird or just think it feels bad, toss me some feedback.

09 Feb 2022

Balance update! I've adjusted the New Bee challenges to be much easier - it's technically the starting tutorial zone, so they should be doable for most people. Let me know via the feedback page how it feels.

P.S. If anyone has any feedback on the scale for words per Explore Point, I'd be interested in that too.

09 Feb 2022

Fixed a systemic bug that was preventing fisherdex achievements from being completed, as well as preventing them from showing progress on the Achievements page.

If you already qualify for either of those achievements, you'll get it the next time you catch a fish in that zone!

08 Feb 2022

New page! Now you can see more information on your achievements than just the badge view on your profile.

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