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We are now taking Closed Beta applications! If you're interested in helping test the game, click on "Apply for Beta" in the navigation bar to apply. Applications will begin being accepted on February 1st, 2022.

In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about what the game is like, check out the FAQs!

Game News

20 Jan 2022

Oh, quick follow-up! There's stuff in Zed Gardens now, especially for those of you who enjoy fishing. There are also two new challenges there, but they're not marked on the map image yet so you'll just have to hover your mouse around the grassy areas to find them, sorry,,

20 Jan 2022

I know I said I was going to pull in all the code changes and reset the database etc. at the end of the month right before starting to take in beta apps, but it's starting to bother me how out of date the code is so I'm going to just go ahead and do that now.

If you're reading this, I'm already done, since I'm going to put the site into maintenance mode right after posting. xP

That said, here's a brief aside note regarding emails and plans for launch.

Email addresses are and will remain a completely optional field. Eventually I'll have a password recovery system, which is literally the only thing that will use the email address post-launch.


As I mentioned before, the official site launch will require all beta accounts being completely deleted. To make y'all's lives a bit easier, though, I'm going to set things up so that beta testers get "reserved seats", so to speak, and send pre-registration codes out to everyone before opening up general sign-ups. In order to send y'all those codes, however, I'll obviously need email addresses to send them to.

In short: if you want to get in early, you'll need to add a verified email address to your beta account. I might add some sort of Beta Tester achievement badge too which those codes'll get you, we'll see, I haven't made up my mind. (I'm not going to do any beta-tester-only customization items, though, those always felt unfairly exclusive to me, but a simple badge recognizing your contributions seems fair.)

If that seems like a lot to remember: don't worry, I'll be posting it all again later once I add email verification, and again a couple weeks before whenever I set the launch date, so you'll get plenty of reminders.

20 Jan 2022

I FINALLY(!!!) tracked down the last thing that was making logged-in sessions expire so quickly, so now once you log in you should actually stay logged in even if you wander off for half an hour.

19 Jan 2022

I've fixed a couple bugs in the code but haven't rolled the changes out to the live site yet. If you were running into the maps shop being broken, though, that one I have fixed here.

I'll be resetting all the data on the site again around the 29th or so when I pull in all the code I've been working on, to give me a couple days to make sure I didn't screw up before starting to accept beta apps. So that's about a week and a half?

14 Jan 2022

I added a new item to the FAQs which links to information about Soul Scribes and saving your work. Nothing's different from how it's always worked, but I realized I'd never actually written it out.

14 Jan 2022

Bug fix update: somehow I managed to overwrite the function to generate new dailies with the old pre-dailies version earlier this week?? That's been fixed now, so you can generate new dailies by logging out and back in.

I've also fixed the editor hiding the dropdown menus, which I thought was going to be super hard because I'd been struggling with it but then it proved to be super easy actually.

14 Jan 2022

Beta start date is OFFICIAL! February 1st! No more delays unless something catastrophic happens (again)!

There's now a Theme option in settings. Leave it at Default to have the theme change with the game time, or set it to Always Day or Always Night to pick the one you prefer. (The header banner will still match the game time and weather, never fear.)

There's also an email field but I don't have email verification in place yet, so don't worry about that.

13 Jan 2022

Brief update! The site theme now changes between Day and Night based on the game time. I'll be adding a Settings option to choose either one or the other to use all of the time, but that's not in yet. (The theme toggle button in the bottom right is just there for testing view purposes, it doesn't save anything.)

I also pulled in a variety of other styling changes I've been poking at for a while.

Let me know if any pages look broken or if you have feedback on the colors.

11 Jan 2022

State of the Game update!

I was determined to take the weekend off to avoid burning out, wound up doing a bunch of bug fixes instead, and then came down with o-covid so I guess I'm taking my weekend off in the start of the week instead, lol

That said: I'm actually at the point now of focusing on planning and back-end stuff, so you won't be seeing as many changes over the next couple weeks. I have a couple player-facing updates in the queue, but most what I need to get in before starting beta is admin and infrastructure stuff.

But! Good news! Once I get the beta sign-up infrastructure settled, I'll be announcing an official start date for accepting new beta testers. The February 2022 beta start is gonna happen!!

08 Jan 2022

Quick Character Creator update. I'm not 100% sure how it happened yet, but something was setting the wing ID to an invalid value, causing some people's character customization to break entirely.

I'll be looking into how it happened to eliminate the underlying bug, but for the moment, I've fixed the data in the database to resolve the problem for the affected accounts. If you find yourself unable to save your character customizations after this point, post a report or message me elsewhere and I'll fix it for you.

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