If you're here, you're looking for more information on what Soul Scribes does with the work you write, and how.

(Note: this is only about the Soul Scribes editor used in the gameplay, NOT for anything submitted as part of your profile.)

Soul Scribes saves your writing to YOUR computer.

There are two ways you can save your work, but both save to the computer or device you're playing on.

The first way saves your work to your browser's local storage. This method is used by the "Save" button, and also by Soul Scribes' auto-save function. Anything saved to your browser's storage will also be auto-loaded into the text editor, making it easy to pick up where you left off.

If you have a browser sync feature set up, it will synchronize your local storage as well - but that's up to you and your browser services.

The second way lets you save your work as a .RTF, with the "Save to File" button. If you want to move your writing from one computer to another without dealing with browser-based cloud services, this is the easiest way to do it.

(Currently, there's no way to re-import that file into the editor, but I anticipate having that feature in before official launch. For now, you'll just have to copy/paste.)

How does the game know what you wrote?

Basically: it doesn't.

The editor itself is TinyMCE 4, and all the hooks involving word counts are locally-run javascript. Your browser calculates those word counts as you write and sends updated numbers to the server when goal points are reached, without telling the server anything about what you wrote.

As a result, Soul Scribes doesn't need to know, police, moderate, or claim any licensing rights about any of the writing you do as part of playing the game.

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