Have Questions? Here's Answers!

General Information

Q: How do I join?

A: Soul Scribes is currently in closed beta. You can apply for a beta tester account and wait for the next round of approvals.

Q: How does this work?

A: Write words, get stuff! There are currently four word-based gameplay types: challenges, fishing, meditation, and minigames with your companion.

Q: How do I set my current status?

A: Click on it, then type your new status in the text field and press Submit.

Game Concepts

Q: What are EP?

A: Explore (or Exploration) Points. EP represent how much energy you have, letting you Explore your current area or travel to a new one.

Q: What are Tokens?

A: Tokens are the name of the main game currency in Soul Scribes. Tokens can be used to buy wardrobe items and map unlocks (and later on, a few other things).

Q: When do I get a new set of Daily Tasks?

A: You'll get a fresh trio of Daily Tasks on your first log-in after midnight UTC. That means you don't need to worry about your list of Daily Tasks changing before you get a chance to do them.

Q: How do you play Challenges?

A: Challenges set you a goal based on the type of Challenge - Speed, Stamina or Racing - and reward you with Tokens for reaching the goal. Doing extra well can earn you a bonus!

Q: How do you play Meditation?

A: Meditation is the most relaxed game mode, where you write at your own pace to earn Explore Points.

Q: How do you play Fishing?

A: Fishing is a mix of Meditation and Challenges. Enjoy relaxed meditative quiet to earn EP - until a fish nibbles on your line! Write enough to reach the goal before time runs out in order to catch the fish. Fill out your FisherDex by catching all the different varieties to earn achievements, and sell your catch for tokens.

Q: How do you play the Companion Minigames?

A: You can play three different minigames with your companion spirit. They have much smaller goals than the other game modes - on the scale of a dozen instead of a hundred. Playing with your companion doesn't give monetary or EP rewards, but it strengthens the bond between you. (This doesn't do anything yet, but it'll give some minor gameplay bonuses later on.)

Technical Questions

Q: Where does Soul Scribes save my writing?

A: The short answer: on your own computer! None of your work in our editor is sent to the game's servers, ever.

For a longer answer, we have a detailed explanation of how the Soul Scribes editor works.

Q: Why isn't [THING] working??

A: Since Soul Scribes is still in beta, there are lots of bugs lurking around. If you have a Beta Tester account, please report it!

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